Harrison Assessment certified Trainer


Pamela Stambaugh 

Pamela is the owner of Accountability Pays a consultancy focusing on Employee Engagement and Retention, Talent Readiness, Succession Planning, Global Talent Management as well a strategist for identifying & developing high-Potential leaders. She boasts more than 30 years executive coaching and 17 years as validated assessment expert, Pam provides leadership in turning HR into a Transformational Force.

Pam's focuses on Leadership Development, Team Development, Harrison Assessments, Executive Coaching, Keynote Speeches. HR positioning for increased influence inside the organization.


Pam will facilitate the Harrison Assessment certification training. Developed by Dr Harrison, the Assessment was built to predict job success while identifying the opportunities to catalyze unprecedented performance and job satisfaction.

  • Executive Coaching

  • Talent Acquisition

  •  Culture Development

  • Team Alignment

  • Employee Retention, Engagement & Development

  • Succession Planning (think HiPo's, Millennials)

  • Leader Effectiveness Training