Success Isn’t A Black Box

If you were measuring the wrong data to get the best performance from your team would you want to know?



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Most believe the odds of success in business are low or fortuitous at best. Hence the motto, "fail fast and fail often."

The multibillion dollar Venture Capital industry cherry picks the premiere new investment opportunities wagering two out of ten succeed. Managing uncertainty has become an industry with its own strategies to succeed.

While, "team is everything” is today’s mantra, few strategic plans include a talent management strategy.  

Team may be everything but, based on results, it appears to be unfathomable to many.

Until now...



Risk Management

Research reveals team to be the single most important ingredient to business success. When individuals enjoy 75% of their work they have a 300% greater chance of succeeding. A dissatisfied employee who exits prematurely for any reason costs a company 1.5 - 3 times their salary! If a product isn’t a market fit, a strategy isn’t effective, or an operating procedure is suboptimal; a strong team will make up the difference. Mitigate risk by strategically building your team!



How to achieve up to 95% accuracy rate in predicting job performance, how to develop quality of relationships with others, generate job satisfaction, identify a culture fit and identify performance derailers & limitations to coach your team through their challenges!  

  1. Do you have the right people onboard?

  2. What will it take to develop, engage, and retain them in the future?

  3. How do you discover what is wanted and needed?

Customers will never love your company until your employees love it first!”
— Simon Sinek

Negotiating the remarkable


A negotiation is any communication designed to influence and persuade others. A successful business requires artfully negotiating the paradoxical realities of pleasing investors, while empowering your team to serve clients or customers

  1. Making talent a strategic priority for your team.

  2. A leadership culture that catalyzes employee engagement by solving market problems and driving mission critical outcomes


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History remembers results


Actions are the currency of success. Actions reveal team focus. What culture will emerge from your actions?

  1. Strategically Implement leadership training and coaching programs to reinforce the value of active learning that causes results.

  2. Practice going beyond baseline conversations about goals to understand key preferences and interests.

  3. Provide standard operating procedures uniquely related to your team, which will directly correlate talent development and company values, enabling employees to appreciate the importance of their position.

  4. Leverage problems as opportunities for real world learning.

  5. Institute a succession plan to ensure ongoing leadership and sustainable growth.


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