Performance Management



Are your human resources aligned and integrated with your business strategies?

In other words do you have a human capital strategy included in your business plan and are they aligned with the same purpose?

A Deloitte study revealed that 86% of all companies have no HR analytics and 68% say they don’t know how to use the data to impact performance.

The cost of turnover is estimated at 1.5 times the annual salary for the position with no way to calculate the missed opportunity costs your company incurs when a position is prematurely abandoned or remains vacant.

The 2013 State of the American Workplace Report revealed:

  • 50% of people working merely put in their time.

  • 20% Are counter productive out of discontent.

  • 30% are engaged in their work.


The myth that morale is what creates results is an example of getting the cart before the horse! Morale increases when people are well equipped, suited for their work, clear about what is expected of them and engaged in daily feedback learning what is wanted and needed to accomplish their career goals. When performance metrics are achieved morale (job satisfaction) increases exponentially.


Are high performing cultures accidental?

No. They are a product of including a talent strategy at the heart of your business strategy and that begins with understanding the talent pool you currently have.

Use our breakthrough technology, The Harrison Assessment Tools to accurately identify high potential talent to develop for your organization.

How do you assess competency and suitability for the job and culture?